Our approach

A whole-system perspective that turns information into a key enabler for change

Our approach provides a unified, high definition view of what really drives effectiveness along the full service journey. We enable you to dynamically expose opportunities for sustainable change and connect services into coherent end-to-end pathways.

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The foundation for evidence-based change

We know evidence-based decision-making and collaboration leads to best-practice management.


The success of our approach for smarter insights and connected thinking comes from the richness of Statistical Process Control (SPC). We unlock this richness through the power of our signalsfromnoise engine to provide system-wide clarity on real-world noisy processes. Coupled with our IDA methodology we help to embed evidence-led sustainable change. Equally beneficial in single department rapid improvements or organisation-wide transformation initiatives, our foundation also adapts to growing and changing data sources to ensure agility in end-to-end process flows.

SPC approach

At the heart of Lightfoot’s approach is the richness of Statistical Process Control (SPC) to provide powerful insights into the behaviours of real-world noisy processes and pathways. SPC is the most powerful approach for rapidly detecting changes and trends, then conveying meaningful insights using graphical displays that can easily be interpreted and used by non-statisticians.

Our SPC approach


Lightfoot’s signalsfromnoise (sfn) engine applies the principles of SPC to analyse and disseminate information about process flows across the whole service journey through web based interfaces. It provides organisations with a live, high definition view of their processes and improvement initiatives, taking their strategic outlook beyond the inadequacies of standard KPI measures.


IDA methodology

Our Information-Decision-Action (IDA) methodology empowers your people to embed long-term sustainable improvement based on a flow based approach. It enables them to make evidence-led decisions to improve end-to-end service flows and locks-in an outcome focused approach into your operational way-of-working.

Our IDA framework

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Collaboration partners

We work with some of the most forward-thinking organisations. Organisations where the leadership team has mapped out an ambitious vision and are thrilled to see how we harness evidence and facts to assist the realisation of that vision.

This kind of approach and evidence-led thinking is also shared by our partners – organisations that also believe in the transformative power of fact-based decision making.