The framework that embeds a collaborative evidence-based approach to continuous process improvement

Our proven Information-Decision-Action (IDA) continuous improvement framework empowers your people to embed long-term sustainable improvement. It enables them to lead change which fully integrates end-to-end service flows and locks in an outcome-focused approach into your transformation strategy.

The journey from Reactive to Preventative

Our continuous improvement approach helps target service improvements appropriately and effectively by moving organisations from reactive to preventative.

  • Reactive

    The organisation responds to problems as they arise, often inefficiently.

  • Control

    Work is undertaken to remove variation and improve process capability.

  • Predictive

    Anticipating fluctuations and cyclicality, improvement becomes systematic.

  • Proactive

    The organisation is focused on improving processes to generate better outcomes.

  • Preventative

    The organisation is engaged with the whole system and continous improvement.

spc-sfn-ida graphic

Sustainable grassroot transformation

Creating a continuous upward spiral of improvement and learning requires not just tools and methods, but also involvement from key groups in the organisation.


IDA is a highly practical and teachable framework,  building on an SPC approach and supported by the sfn tool and viewers.


Groups within organisations use SPC information to make team-based decisions that result in improved outcomes. This is typically by:

  • Identifying opportunities to make process changes
  • Reducing variation and removing barriers to better process performance
  • Developing capability in teams and individuals
  • Facilitating best practice sharing between individuals and groups
  • Driving rapid cycles of improvement and learning

Align your people with your strategy

A key element is the ‘IDA Architecture’ – a definition of who comes together, at what frequency, to make decisions on which processes.


The architecture links your key strategic imperatives – normally defined by desired outcomes – with the issues and opportunities ‘on the ground’. The expectation is for the groups involved in IDA to focus on proactively planning and executing improvements that lead to better outcomes, rather than reporting on past performance.

Lightfoot Solutions Information Decision Action

Achieve rapid impacts

SPC information is a key input into the improvement cycle.  This focus on evidence based decision making creates a structured approach for groups to rapidly understand the opportunities for improvement, explore options, make rapid but considered changes and see the impact of those changes within a short period.


In as little as eight weeks we can demonstrably make your business better – saving budget, improving performance and actively engaging staff.