Measure and monitor the performance of any combination of processes across your organisation

signalsfromnoise® (sfn) is Lightfoot’s statistically based data engine.  It’s an always-on visual control & monitoring system that helps uncover hidden insights from your processes and provides robust evidence to support decisions for change or improvement.

Clarity against cyclical noise

Only sfn goes beyond standard SPC based tools to give you real clarity against the background noise of seasonal and cyclical fluctuations.


The proprietary cyclical and trended adjustment functionality embedded in sfn ensures that seasonality is taken into consideration to truly understand what is normal activity or performance within your data. This twinned with patented high speed drill down technologies allows you to quickly inspect and understand the performance of your organisation from top to bottom.


This means you do not waste time and effort investigating normal events but focus on those that are truly outside the norm.

Collaborate along the full pathway

With sfn you can measure and monitor the performance of any combination of processes from multiple organisations along the full service pathway.


This flexibility to extend and add data sources from providers along a service journey opens the opportunity to collaborate on delivering a truly user-centred journey.

Lightfoot Solutions signalsfromnoise® clarity against cyclical noise
Signalsfromnoise on devices

Analyse at the speed of thought, anywhere

Our intuitive signalsfromnoise® dashboards deliver up-to-the-minute information and reports to people across your organisation, on their computer or mobile device. This enables teams to quickly identify the root causes of process issues and agree the actions that are required to improve outcomes.


Users see only what is relevant to their role, providing clear and timely data to better monitor and improve delivery performance.


Alerts can be automatically sent out when a signal of change is detected, enabling rapid assessment of issues and early corrective action.