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Lightfoot's approach to the efficiency challenges faced by healthcare organisations
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It is now widely recognised amongst academics and healthcare practitioners that the most effective way to improve patient flow, patient outcomes and the efficiency of healthcare operations lies in minimizing  unnecessary variations and delay in the patient pathway.

Inefficiencies within healthcare systems can only be adequately addressed by adopting a whole of system approach.  This perspective recognises the interdependencies that exist across health and social care systems and provides an integrated approach to patient needs that minimises waste and delay more effectively.

As organisations such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and the World Health Organisation that are focused on healthcare improvement recognise, however, the move to a flow based system for managing the healthcare system is not a simple change. It involves a re-orientation in the way that healthcare systems are managed which requires strategic leadership, and a program of organisational change so that all the participants in the system understand the part that they play in the system.

The move to a flow based system for managing the healthcare system is not a simple change

This change to a flow based approach also requires a fundamental strategic change in the way in which data and information is used in healthcare systems. In these systems, data and information become the key enabler of change.

As a result, the primary purpose of using data is no longer focused on reporting on historical performance, but instead is focused on using information to understand processes to manage change and to analyse and reduce variation and waste in the patient journey. The most widely accepted using the principles of statistical process control.

We use the richness of ‘Statistical Process Control’ (SPC) to provide powerful insights in to the behaviours of real-world noisy processes and pathways.

Lightfoot supports healthcare organisations and systems that are seeking to realise the efficiencies through a transition to a flow based system-wide approach. Our solution consists of three interlocking components.

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