Embedding evidence-based transformation

How St John New Zealand have embedded evidence-based transformation from the grassroots


Continually improving performance grows the value of the whole organisation

Lightfoot Solutions combines its methodology and its sfn® platform into a single solution which enables organisations to rigorously and objectively travel the performance improvement journey.

Aligned to this tool is our proven Information-Decision-Action (IDA) continuous improvement framework which empowers your people to embed long-term sustainable improvement. It enables them to lead change which fully integrates services end-to-end and locks-in an outcome focused approach.

Many organisation still operate on an ad hoc basis; trying to correct faults and failings in processes and assets only when they have occurred and have had a negative impact. The result is excessive operating costs, misdirected remedial investment and poor service levels.

Watch how St John Ambulance Service in New Zeland have embedded evidence-based transformation from the grassroots.

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