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Transformation achieved through IDA
Transformation in the Communications Centre

At the very heart of any ambulance service is clear and unambiguous communication between the control room and operational resources as a normal part of day-to-day operations....

Ambulance drivers
Creating the future you want, from the grassroots up

Organisational change always needs to be carefully managed but when ‘game-changing’ transformation was called for, St John Ambulance New Zealand looked to Lightfoot Solutions to help engage staff on the...

St John's video
Embedding evidence-based transformation

Lightfoot Solutions combines its methodology and its sfn platform into a single solution which enables organisations to rigorously and objectively travel the performance improvement journey...

Fibre optics
BT rolls out new Lean approach based on sfn

BT Operate ruthlessly drove out “waste” in its end-to-end order to delivery processes, so that it could efficiently deliver global networked solutions to the world’s largest and most demanding customers....

Crowd blur
15% reduction in most common crimes

Norfolk Constabulary has been able to target its crime-fighting efforts more effectively thanks to the introduction of the signalsfromnoise performance management software from Lightfoot Solutions....