applications Planning for Populations

Planning for Populations

  • Designing new services for populations
  • Designing new models of care
  • Supporting the most vulnerable
  • Addressing equality by removing systematic barriers
  • Estate managment
  • Complex patient cohorting capability
  • High-Risk adults cohort capability
  • Admission avoidance
applications Planning, Optimisation & efficiency

Planning, Optimisation and Efficiency

  • Reducing elective backlog
  • Reducing waitlists backlog
  • Planning the short term, the medium term and the long term
  • Keeping people well by intervening earlier in their healthcare journey


  • Leveraging the workforce knowledge through consistent transparent data
  • Resource allocation
  • Productivity modelling

Pathway Improvement

  • Building in quality
  • Clinical pathway redesign
  • Using modelling to answer the “what if?”

Operations Management

  • Understanding and predicting demand
  • Predicting today, tomorrow, next week, next month
  • Clinical pathways
  • Dynamic modelling and simulation
  • Improving flow