Lightfoot Solutions - Collaboration

Unique Collaborative and Engagement Platform

  • Bringing organisations and system silos of data together
  • Transform routine data into a patient journey structure – if you can’t see how people interact with the system how can you design appropriate models of care
  • Explore the data live, hypotheses test and myth bust and answer the “why” questions to get a common understanding of your processes and populations’ needs
  • Experiment to uncover new insights and opportunities
  • Dynamically model and quantify interventions
  • Support transformation and improvement – “make it better”
  • Measure and evaluate outcomes as you go
  • Insights available from Boardroom to front line staff via a web interface “democratising data”


Lightfoot Solutions - sfn

Utilising Routine Data for Transformation

signalsfromnoise (sfn) combines the power of Exploratory Data Analysis and Analytics with Statistical Process Control (SPC) providing a new approach for organisations to interrogate their data.  The platform is powered by routine operational data and national data that is transformed into one single data model, fully supporting exploration of data backwards and forwards in time.

With predetermined role-appropriate access for all users, the platform builds a unified and transparent understanding of what the data is showing.  Unlike many platforms that utilise pre-aggregated reporting cubes or materialised views, the sfn platform runs real-time queries directly on raw data, delivering results in real-time.