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Lightfoot for healthcare

Connecting healthcare

Lightfoot helps healthcare organisations transition from a traditional silo based structure to a flow-based system-wide management approach. By incorporating data from different healthcare providers, we are able to measure patient outcomes across the whole pathway, linking all of the services in each patient’s journey. Through a whole of system approach in health and social care systems we help create integrated pathways focused on patient needs that minimises waste and delay.

We work with many healthcare organisations including:
Ambulance | Acute Care and Hospitals | Integrated Health | Health Commissioners, Funders and Purchasers

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Getting performance on track

When maintaining or renewing rail infrastructure, one of the key issues is track access. Any delays are disruptive and result in financial penalties.


Lightfoot has helped establish high performance in the planning process and in the execution of rail maintenance and upgrades. By consolidating data from the entire rail network, Lightfoot enabled planners and front-line engineers to see changes in performance as they happened, allowing them to take action immediately.


We work with organisations to improve:
Assets | Maintenance | Supply chain | Finance

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Lightfoot for Police Force

Fighting crime through data clarity

Proactive policing has always been important in the area of violent crime, but with limited resources, deciding where and when to place those resources for maximum effect can be difficult. Several police forces have used sfn to determine the best corrective action to avoid violent crime.


We work with police forces to aid:
Custody | Crime | Detection | Professional standards | Forensics

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