NHS England (SE) Data Driven Improvements

Health Insights data driven improvement

A day of virtual webinars hosted by the South-East System Improvement team.

With colleagues from across the South-East and health leaders from Wales, Yorkshire and New Zealand, we will be hearing about data driven improvements in key areas such as Discharge Planning, Elective Recovery, High Intensity Patients, Reablement and Integrated Care, Planning, Frailty and Falls, End of Life Care and Inequalities.

The webinars will show the ways in which the Health Insights platform (powered by Lightfoot) is already supporting system level improvement in the South-East Systems and further afield, with an evidence-based and data driven approach to improvement – fully diagnosing issues, designing more targeted solutions and strengthening their delivery across system partners. They will also show the potential within the platform to be further exploited and the proposed future direction of travel in each improvement area.

Introducing Health Insights

Health Insights has been invested in and deployed across the South-East to enable population centric development of services, which is at the heart of integrated healthcare delivery and the rationale for ICBs and ICPs. The platform:

  • Provides an additional lens on our data, using a more advanced time series and statistical interrogation platform that is accessible to all levels.
  • Is powerful for clinical engagement and plots patients’ journeys through our departments, organisations and systems to maximise their care.
  • Strengthens business processes by fully diagnosing issues, identifies plans for optimal interventions and, with daily data refreshes, evaluates improvement.
  • Delivers information at the speed of thought, with immediate insights across the platform from the GP Surgery to the Southeast Region and all levels in between.

Quotes from those using Health Insights

Your platform can do in 5 minutes, what my team can do in 3 days using SQL.

Analytical lead, NHSE

The only way to reinvest value is through the use of data like this.

End of Life Care Specialist, KM

Health Insights allowed me to rapidly learn the Urgent and Emergency behaviour of our Primary care patients.

Network Co-ordinator, Surrey Heartlands

View a snapshot video of Health Insights Data and additional information on futures collaboration drive!
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