02 Oct 2014


How sfn has helped BT to deliver an improved order processing flow and customer service

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Managed Ethernet Access Service – MEAS – is BT’s next generation data service to mobile operators, that connects the remote mast (or aerial) to the mobile operator’s core network. Using sfn allows BT’s Service Delivery Optimisation unit to identify the root causes of issues that might impact the service.

MEAS helps BT’s customers to supply high quality service to content-hungry smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband devices. BT Wholesale manages MEAS contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds – these contracts are strategically important and need to be delivered flawlessly. Failure has a negative impact on the customer experience and impacts revenue.


‘To ensure that we got to the root cause of the issues quickly we used the Service Manufacturing tool sfn,’ says Luke Beeson, Head of Service Delivery Optimisation, ‘ which allowed us to perform forensic analysis to task level across the Lead to Cash MEAS Service Delivery process.’

‘We used it to identify failures in process, people and technology that contributed to the performance of BT’s “right first time” KPI, as well as identifying the variables or instability of cycle time in stages of the delivery process.’

This has led to changes in the way the company processes orders received from customers, including the instruction of an automated order validation tool. By using sfn to identify specific tasks that are taking longer to complete than targeted, operational teams are able to formulate and implement process changes to bring task times within target and so improve the process flow.