31 Mar 2023


Wakefield District Health and Care Partnership flier
Congratulations to our clients Wakefield District Health and Care Partnership who have won a prestigious national award for using data to underpin service redesign.

Winning the Category of Harnessing the Value of Data, the partnership used system data from across hospital, community, and adult social care to collaboratively highlight the demand placed on their ICT and Reablement Services for the High-Risk Adult cohort of patients.

Supported by Lightfoot Solutions’ signalsfromnoise predictive analytics platform, the redesign work is projected to release up to 65 acute care hospital beds over a 12-month period, which is approximately 24,000 bed day savings.  At a bed day cost of approx. £300 per day, this equates to a total saving on the system of £7.2 million for the year.  This projected saving also includes a 24% reduction in long term care home admissions. The Smarter Working Live, who partner with the Civil Service Smarter Working Programme, is a leading event for the public sector to celebrate the commitment of organisations and individuals that drive positive change through collaborative and creative ways of working, innovation, collaboration, and excellence.