28 Jul 2015


Improving patient outcomes through a whole system patient centric approach

blurry photo in hospital corridor

Inefficiencies within healthcare systems can only be adequately addressed by adopting a whole system approach.  This perspective recognises the inter dependencies that exist across health and social care systems and provides an integrated approach to patient needs that minimises waste and delay more effectively.

This change to a patient centric approach also requires a fundamental strategic change in the way in which data and information is used in healthcare systems. In these systems, data and information become the key enabler of change.

- At the annual Australian Awards for Excellence, Canterbury District Health Board, St John NZ and Lightfoot won the Star Award for Overall Winner All Categories and the Technical Capability Award for its Joined up Data project to improve patient care

The primary purpose of using data is no longer focused on reporting on historical performance, but instead is focused on using information to understand processes to manage change and to analyse and reduce variation and waste in the patient journey. The most widely accepted using the principles of statistical process control.

How Does Lightfoot Help

Lightfoot’s products use the richness of ‘Statistical Process Control’ (SPC) to provide powerful insights in to the behavior of real-world processes and patient pathways.

Signals from Noise (sfn) allows the visual modelling of key aspects such as

  • Annual, monthly, weekly and daily cyclicity of data
  • Trends and projections
  • Anomalies and unusual behavior

- We have been able to take a closer look at patients who were brought to the emergency department four or more times in the previous 12 months and who accounted for 14% of all ambulance attendances at the ED. Linked data enabled us to consider options to connect them with other, more appropriate care pathways Michael Brooke - Operations Manager St John Ambulance New Zealand

Lightfoot host a database of five years summary Inpatient, Outpatient and A&E records. This allows UK health organisations to compare their performance and outcomes with other similar UK health organisations.

Lightfoot have a holistic service offering which includes

  • Creation of data bespoke data warehouse solutions based on Lightfoot’s proprietary health models for acute care and ambulance services
  • A deep drill down and analytics tool incorporating Statistical Process Control (SPC) and modelling capabilities.
  • A SharePoint style dashboard and visualisation product to help engage the wider organisation
  • A methodology for implementing service improvement across the organisation based on Information-Decision-Action (IDA)
  • Specific health sector expertise provided by trained practitioners such as staff nurses and paramedics employed by Lightfoot